360° Overview of Data Security Know-How for Businesses

This complimentary webinar provides business executives, IT management and others a comprehensive high-level overview of network encryption and data security capabilities and solutions, and applies them to a diverse set of commercial business applications and activities. Participants will be able to recognize data security areas important to their organization and understand available security solutions.

Course Overview

VPN, secure email, access control, edge encryption ... the list goes on. What are the differences among data security capabilities and what should you implement in your organization to protect your information onsite, across locations, with remote employees and with customers, suppliers and partners?

This 1.5 hour, non-technical webinar taught by a cryptography expert will:

  • Provide a high-level technical understanding of data encryption and security
  • Walk through a company scenario with diverse applications and activities while describing security
  • Arm you with the knowledge to identify security needs, understand available security solutions, and be confident that the right security issues are being addressed for your business

                Type:   Complimentary On-demand Webinar

                Who:   Small and medium-size business owners, CIOs, executives,
                            IT management, and others who need a comprehensive,
                            high-level understanding of data security

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Tim Swartz


Tim Swartz is the Chief Cryptographer at Technical Communications Corporation, working in the areas of cryptographic algorithm design and business development. As a leading expert in cryptography and the data security industry, he has 25 years of experience as a technical researcher, product and program manager, technical advisor, and consultant. Mr. Swartz was educated at the University of Rochester, Dartmouth College and the University of South Carolina. He has advanced degrees in Mathematics and Telecommunications, and was an adjunct faculty member of George Washington University and the Smithsonian Institution.

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