Secure Mobile Phone – Voice & Text


Mobile Phone Voice & Text Encryption – Secure, Anonymous, Stealthy

Secure Mobile Phone Encryption - Voice and Text Security

Voice calls and text messages, along with metadata, can be easily intercepted by adversaries, compromising national security, counter-terrorism operations, and corporate intellectual property, trade secrets, and legal and financial transactions. The GSMK CryptoPhone® provides full-circle military-grade security to encrypt, hide and make anonymous the voice/text in transit.


  • End-to-end AES and Twofish encryption
  • Anonymous, stealthy
  • Hardened Android™ smartphone
  • Easy to use, reliable, fast
  • Global access
  • GSM, UMTS, LTE and Wi-Fi
  • Interoperable with IP desktop phone

Secure Mobile Phone – Voice and Text Encryption

Tapping voice and text communications in transit, identifying call parameters, and injecting malicious code into the device are just some of the many threats compromising mobile phone communications. The GSMK CryptoPhone secure mobile phone is designed with innovative technology to protect against the full range of threats for trusted security of your most sensitive voice and text communications.

CryptoPhone 600G Secure Smartphone

With innovative full-circle security, The CryptoPhone® secure mobile phone provides military-grade end-to-end encrypted and anonymous voice and text communications. Additionally, the encrypted communications are hidden for an additional layer of protection. Our secure mobile phone is FIPS 140-2 certified, has a hardened Android™ operating system, IP firewall, and a permission enforcement agent to protect the physical device. Protect your most sensitive communications from the full range of threats quickly and easily, and from anywhere in the world via GSM, UMTS, LTE or Wi-Fi.

CryptoPhone Secure Mobile Phone - Voice and Text Encryption

CryptoPhone 600G secure mobile phone

CryptoPhone CP20 Desktop Secure IP Phone

The CryptoPhone CP20 is a secure voice over IP phone that is interoperable with the CryptoPhone mobile phone. It connects to the IP network over an Ethernet connection and makes and receives secure calls from another CryptoPhone Desktop phone or with the CryptoPhone secure mobile phone for office to mobile secure voice communications.

CryptoPhone Desktop - Secure Voice, Compatible with CryptoPhone Mobile Phone

CryptoPhone Desktop IP phone

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