CipherTalk® Mobile Phone Security and Encryption

CipherTalk secure mobile phone and secure desktop IP phone

Secure Mobile Phone Voice and Text Encryption

TCC's CipherTalk mobile phone security and encryption products, including a secure mobile phone and desktop phone, provide military-grade end-to-end encrypted voice and text along with anonymous communications. With our innovative full-circle security, protect your most sensitive communications from the full range of threats quickly and easily, and from anywhere in the world via GSM or Wi-Fi.


  • Military-grade end-to-end encrypted voice and text
  • Anonymous communications
  • Interoperable mobile phone and desktop phone family
  • Hardened Android™ smartphone platform
  • Device security with hardened OS, IP firewall, and Permission Enforcement Agent
  • Enables reliable global access as it is not a VoIP or VPN solution
  • Global coverage — Wi-Fi, GSM
  • Optional customer-owned private network
  • Simple, efficient and reliable to use
  • Flexible offerings to meet budget and procurement requirements

Full-Circle Protection: Communications, Device, Storage, Anonymity

Tapping voice and text communications in transit, intercepting these communications at the microphone before encryption, identifying call parameters, and injecting malicious code into the device are just some of the many threats compromising mobile phone communications. TCC's CipherTalk secure mobile phone is designed with innovative technology to protect against the full range of threats for trusted security of your most sensitive voice and text communications.

End-to-End Encryption

The CipherTalk cell phone encryption product has unlimited worldwide military-grade end-to-end voice and text security with the CipherONE® Secure Connect Network. The solution is FIPS 140-2 certified for cryptography and uses AES 256-bit encryption with Diffie-Hellman public key exchange with 4,096 bit very long key lengths. Keys are generated on the device for each call/text and are destroyed at the end of the conversation. The CipherTalk also provides two-layer protection of data at rest.

Anonymous and Stealthy

Use CipherTalk mobile phone encryption in complete privacy. The CipherONE Secure Connect Network hides the entire voice and text messaging connection procedure. No user data or call logs are generated, collected or stored. Whom and when you are calling, and where you are calling from, is only known by the user.

Anywhere, Any Way Worldwide

The CipherTalk encrypted cell phone secures voice calls and text messages globally with GSM networks. Calls can also be secured via Wi-Fi without using your network provider's data service — no SIM card is required. Additionally, the CipherTalk's innovative technology does not use VoIP or VPN protocols, enabling secure communications to continue in areas with poor bandwidth and in locations where these protocols may be blocked. The CipherTalk can also operate over various IP links, including satellite, microwave, and IP over radio

Simple, Fast, Reliable

To make a call with the CipherTalk, simply touch the CipherONE icon, enter a phone number or select one from your secure contacts. The CipherTalk will instantly set up a secure encrypted call. The low bandwidth requirement of our encryption (<10K bps) also maximizes throughput despite varying network conditions around the world.

Mobile Phone Device Security

The CipherTalk secure encrypted mobile phone and the secure encrypted desktop phone protect the device from being compromised. Commercial smartphone and desktop phones are modified with a hardened operating system, restricting and disabling applications vulnerable to viruses and intrusion attacks. Smartphone security levels are selectable by the user.

The CipherTalk mobile phone with hardened Android OS also includes a permission enforcement agent to control app access to cell phone resources. Additionally, an IP firewall allows and blocks the ability of apps on the phone to access the IP network.

Flexible Offering

Various options are available to meet procurement and budget requirements. Purchase the CipherTalk products or select one of our CipherTalk Secure Phone Contract plans with terms ranging from one to three years.

Customer-Owned CipherONE Secure Connect Network

A customer-owned CipherONE private network is available as an option with the purchase of the CipherTalk secure cell phones. The CipherONE Secure Connect Network enables the customer to own and manage the server(s) that securely authenticate and IP connect the CipherTalk phones, and maintain the CipherTalk IP connections worldwide. An asset management application makes managing your secure CipherTalk network easy.

Secure Voice for All Levels of the Organization

Protecting voice communications is a critical part of an organization’s IT security infrastructure and cybersecurity strategy. As such, TCC plans to add to the CipherTalk family with an App, conferencing capability, and PBX gateway to make it easy and affordable for high-end secure voice to be a standard part of the way organizations do business at all levels.

Technical Specifications

CipherTalk 8500 Secure Mobile Phone

  • Hardened Android operating system
  • Supports GSM and Wi-Fi
  • Secure voice and text messages
  • Anonymous communications
  • Selectable hardened operating system security
    levels: Basic, Medium and High
  • IP firewall
  • Permission Enforcement Agent
  • Secure storage: notes, contacts, text messages
  • Biometric fingerprint physical phone access
  • Fully featured smartphone functions
  • Carrier-independent
CipherTalk secure mobile phone for encrypted voice and text

CipherTalk Secure Desktop Phone

  • Secure voice over IP
  • Anonymous communications
  • Ethernet connection
  • Compatible with the CipherTalk 8500 secure mobile phone
  • Encrypted contacts, hardened OS
  • Speakerphone, LED call indication, programmable secure phonebook,
    redial, mute, ringer and handset volume control
  • Dimensions: 230 x 200 x 30 mm
CipherTalk Desktop IP for secure encrypted voice telephone

CipherONE Secure Connect Network

  • Distributed network (soft switch):
    1 to 8 servers worldwide
  • Networks up to 40,000 concurrent calls
  • Real-time, pre-emptive multi-tasking OS
  • Five-nines availability rating
  • Protection against DoS attacks
  • Asset management application

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TCC is dedicated to quality products and services. TCC is ISO 9001 certified. ISO 9001, granted to TCC by TUV, is the most stringent standard available for total quality systems in design/development, production, installation and servicing.

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